I empower children, teens, adults, and families who want to help to improve their individual performance throughout life, academically, at work, in relationships, and in daily life who live with learning difficulties and want to achieve success. Are you feeling frustrated, angry, anxious, stress, low self-esteem because you learn differently? Are you ashamed of your learning difficulties and try to hide it but somehow others know you're different. Do you get frustrated because you struggle with time management, organizational skills, socializing with others? Also, work with people that have medical issues and stress makes it worse. As an integrative, holistic counselor I will be part of your support team. I will teach you how to live without shame, frustration, low self-esteem by learning how to recognize and stop negative self-talk, learn how to depend on your strengths, provide education and provide action things you can do to improve your life and assist with your IEP/504 needs. If you wonder why does life has to be so hard because of learning or your medical conditions I am here to assist. You have the power to change, let's change your narrative so you can live with confidence. It may not seem possible, with new tools and understanding what's going on can make all the difference. Also for children and teens Involved parents help with this process.

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