Some people are content living in the monotony of life. Going to work, tending to household matters, etc. However, for those that desire to live a purposeful and meaningful life. For those, who've decided to ascend to the heights of which they've only dreamed. But feel unfulfilled and unequipped for life's difficulties. That believe that they are meant to change the world but struggle to get through the most menial daily activities. JAM, LLC wants to help you! Our practitioners assist clients in closing the gap between their best self and the person they are today, utilizing person and Christ-centered coaching and counseling.
Let's journey together toward the AWAKENED life you've longed for. We see healthy relationships as a means to building a healthier life. When living at our fullest potential we are able to nourish our core relationships and abroad. But unhealthy, external and internal systems negatively effect our ability to live...and better yet...THRIVE! Let's start today!
We are a community-centered mental health private practice. We believe in showing great hospitality, providing excellent care and leaving our clients feeling beloved. Our approaches as practitioners are very person-centered and nurturing. We empower our clients by showcasing strong empathy and providing a safe place for vulnerability and self-enhancement.

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Group Therapy Details

At this time we are offering three groups. One group is called our F.O.C.U.S group which helps college-aged students help prioritize their goals. Our chronic pain group is to assist middle-aged individuals with feeling supported as they seek to live with bouts of intense pain. The christian singles group is a support for ladies desiring to have purposeful lives while also desiring to build a family.