In a world that demands more than it gives, it is imperative that people speak their truths and find their way to authenticity. As a clinician, my goal is to support you as you find empowerment, become self- aware, restore and improve relationships, and find inner peace using a strength-based approach, psychotherapy, education, and symptom management.

There is nothing more fulfilling to me as a professional than to observe the growth in my clients. In order to nurture the growth process, I am intentional about practicing cultural humility. I do not assume that I know about you. I leave space for you to educate me on who you are and how you identify. This way, we can create a space of mutual respect and understanding so that the therapeutic process is authentic.

My academic career prepared me for my work as a therapist. However, my life experiences made me a better therapist. My personal journey and healing process have aligned me with the clinician I am and the approach I take with my clients. It is important for me to take a holistic approach to treatment. I believe that your mental health needs are just as important as your physical and spiritual health needs.

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