Hi, I'm Jasmine!

Inviting someone into your most personal space can be intimidating, scary, and daunting. Getting to this point of reading my bio is a huge step. Just know that I am SUPER excited that you have taken that step!

Are you struggling with life transitions? Are you having difficulty maintaining healthy/positive relationships? Do you find it difficult to be kind to yourself?

I help those having difficulty in these areas. We can work together to get you back on track and develop strategies to cope and manage. Some of the methods I utilize to help are cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, solution focused therapy, and client-centered therapy. I also integrate mindfulness, journaling, and meditation--just to name a few!

I will meet you with compassion and evidence-based practices. I hope that we can take steps TOGETHER towards achieving your therapy goals and I look forward to working with you!

Practice Details