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Are you feeling like past experiences continue to control your life? Do you find that you shut yourself off from people or that you no longer find joy in things you once did? It feels like despite everything you try you continue to feel shameful, guilty, afraid and sad? You want to feel better, you want to enjoy your life, but you’re beginning to think feeling better is not possible. Sometimes situations such as military trauma, sexual trauma, abuse and neglect can leave you thinking, “I must’ve done something to deserve this."

I help people heal and recover from traumatic experiences that have left them feeling angry, trapped and to blame for experiences that may have been out of their control. We do the work so that you begin to see, these things happened to YOU, but they are not YOU. We will slowly peel back the layers that have been holding you hostage.

Let’s work together to help you reclaim your life so that you can make healthier choices, cope better and feel more in control of your emotions. Let’s regain your confidence, improve your self-esteem and move forward in your life with greater clarity and hope. Visit my website today to schedule your free consultation!

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