Emotions are an important part of life, and help us to connect with others. Sometimes our experiences with intense emotions can take away from our ability to clearly communicate with each other or appreciate ourselves. Do you find it difficult to enjoy life in the moment? too focused on the past or worried about the future? Do you wish you could connect with your family or partner in a way that doesn't lead to conflict or slammed doors? Whether you are experiencing relationship conflicts, depression, anxiety, anger or feelings of low self esteem, your feelings do not have to control your life.
I help clients move past barriers that keep them from being the best they can be, by helping them better understand themselves. I specialize in mood, anxiety, relationship, sex and gender concerns. Through our work together you will be empowered to make the changes needed to live a more satisfying, authentic, and fulfilling life. You do not have to navigate the path of healing alone. Together we can help you recover motivation, perspective, and joy!

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