Do you feel like something is missing? Have you been “pulling it all together” or trying to “keep it together”, but you feel like “you’re going crazy”? You have a mixture of feelings like shock, confusion, anxiety, anger, regret, and sadness that change from moment to moment or from day to day. You may have depression, anxiety or trauma, but no one told you it could all actually be grief. Whether you are aware you are grieving or not, it’s ok to reach out and get help from a professional.

Grief is an extremely personalized experience that comes with very unique personal thoughts and feelings inside of you.
You deserve to talk about those thoughts and feelings with someone who can relate and you can trust. I have developed an expertise providing grief counseling and grief therapy for adults. I get it, grief is complicated. I offer simple, yet useful ways to help restore meaning and find purpose to live fully again. I help adults who have just experienced a recent loss, adults who thought they had healed from previous loss, adults who have never reached out for help after a loss, and adults too busy to think or feel about it.

Let's work together to overcome isolation, the pressure to “move on,” and the uncertainty of where to turn for support. Submit a request here on Therapy For Black Girls or visit my website to schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation. Let’s bring back hope in your life.

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Appropriate for individuals seeking community and want to be with others who are committed to doing the work to prioritize their mental health.