Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Jasmin McGregor is a licensed clinical social worker. Beginning her educational career at Chapman University, she received her BA in Psychology, and continued her advanced work at USC where she received her Masters in Social Work. With a passion for breaking the stigmas within the Black community, she currently has a weekly podcast of casual conversation in efforts to normalize discourse surrounding mental health. She is a mental health therapist, currently working with the LGBTQIA community in areas in the greater Los Angeles, as well as a fitness and physical health advocate. She has dealt with and overcome emotional eating and is transparent in her journey with her followers on Instagram. She creates a safe place for women to check in and be held accountable for reaching their health and fitness goals, and inspires those that follow her to push passed their excuses. Focused on the present to impact the future, she strives daily to empower and push those around her to improve themselves holistically. If she could tell a younger version of herself anything it would be that there are no such things as excuses. If you say you want something go out and get it, don’t just wish for it. Work for it.

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