"Jaslyn Bailey, LCSW is the Founder of Journeying Beyond Measure, which provides therapeutic coaching virtually. Jaslyn’s therapeutic style provides support and counseling for clients to effectively address personal life challenges; combining scientifically proven modalities with mindfulness and holistic research offering a highly personalized approach for each client. Jaslyn provides tailored services for those identifying as Queer or Person of Color or Woman seeking therapy.

She proudly identifies as a queer woman of color; allowing the intersection of her identities to inform her therapeutic approach. With warmth, humor, and intuition credited to our ancestors, formal training, and life experiences, she offers specialized therapeutic coaching, relationship therapy, and a unique range of services to meet her clients needs.

With transparency she share’s: “I am perfectly imperfect. I challenge societal norms, dance to the beat of my own drum, and enjoy the adventure of living life with intention. As a mental health professional I have come to realize mental well being has more than one meaning therefore, we need more than one way to move towards healing. Let's get creative!”"

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