Hey y'all, I'm Jasany.

Do you feel lost, as if others have some sort of cheat code to life that no one passed to you? Maybe you've always felt different than most, leaving you to question your identity and intuition. I've been there and even continue to do the work that allows me to feel grounded in my identity, and befriend my authentic self. At 31, all my quirky traits and unpopular opinions finally made sense, once I learned about and embraced my neurodivergent brain.

There is no specific blueprint on who to be or how to live. We all have varying identities that make life exciting, challenging, and rewarding. However, some of us hold identities that are met with stigma, thus impacting our ability to live in our authenticity. I offer minority-affirming psychotherapy and is dedicated to holding nonjudgmental space for BIPOC folx, womxn, SOGIE individuals, and neurodivergent adults. My approach is holistic and trauma-responsive.

We'll work together to explore, heal, and self-actualize. Whether you need support with managing neurodevelopmental conditions (autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, etc.), processing trauma, managing anxiety and depression, exploring sexuality and gender, or just need a safe space sort out your thoughts and emotions, I'm here to help.

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