Hello there! My name is Jaryn Warren and I am the Owner and Clinical Director at Joy360 Wellness. I provide clinical supervision to the associate therapists and Mental Health Nutrition services for clients. At Joy360, We provide a holistic approach to mental health, where we not only target emotional/behavioral concerns, but also offer nutritional support to address any deficiencies, and gut or dietary imbalances that may be contributing to, causing, or exacerbating your mental health symptoms.

I specialize in healing body image and relationships with
food, disordered eating, mindful eating, digestive health/IBS, hormonal support, and Mental health Nutrition (anxiety, depression, mood, etc.). Not only am I a licensed therapist, but I hold an MS degree in Integrative and Functional Nutrition, I am a Certified Nutrition Specialists (CNS) candidate, and I have specialized training in Mindful Eating, Yoga & the Expressive Arts to help my clients develop the needed skills to nurture Mind, body, & spirit.

I am Health at Every Size (HAES) aligned, person-centered & never pushy. You will walk away from each session feeling heard & respected as we explore ways to understand & honor your body's needs. Not just with food/nutrition, but also w/ Self- compassion, Mindfulness, self-care, stress management skills & more.

If you are in need of talk therapy, check out some of the other therapists at Joy360 Wellness, as we offer a full team of women therapists of color. You can check out our team's profiles on our website https://www.joy360wellness.com/team. Therapy services for us and by us! Sis, we've got you!

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