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I work from a perspective of intersectionality and advocacy for children, teens and adults who have been marginalized by society and for whom the impact of social identities causes psychological distress. For me, this means holding space for people of color (POC), LGBTQ+, as well as those impacted by body image messaging. I value cultural humility and recognize my own blindspots and actively participate in social justice and change from within.

One thing we can all agree on adulting is not easy, but it is worth every moment. I specialize in providing space to process and gain the cognitive, emotional and behavioral skills necessary for managing transitions, shame, guilt, transitions, family conflict, conflict management, communication difficulties, low self esteem, work stress, behavioral issues, identify in all its forms, depression, anxiety and trauma. My main focus is teaching and improving self- love, self-acceptance, communication effectiveness, self-understanding boundary setting (for self and others, value identification, discipline and healthy self-esteem.

I utilize CBT and mindfulness to help my clients understand the ways their thoughts inform behavior, mood and impulsivity. I work with transitional aged youth, mothers, young adults, and individuals with a foster care history. I have always had a passion for youth, and equity within social systems.

I provide a safe environment for my clients to thrive, emotionally and mentally. I utilize a strength-based approach to motivate and supply my clients with the tools necessary to navigate daily life.

I allow my clients to be the driver of their lives but every now and then
people need a GPS. My practice mantra is that the rearview mirror is there for us to learn from but not to focus. The windshield has our destination ahead of us, it could be a successful marriage, great job, or just simply the ability to smile every day, that is our focus.

Licensed by the Maryland Board of Social Workers, I have experience in providing individual counseling that centers around trauma, behavioral issues, self-esteem, family dynamics, bullying, grief, depression, and anxiety. I received my clinical education (Master of Social Work) from University of Maryland (Baltimore) and work in a number of clinical settings as a supervisee.

Call 240-428-0465 or email staff@adikacounseling.com with any and all questions. Please specify your desire to work with me and include your insurance information.

Please register for our HIPAA compliant client portal at https://adikacounseling.mytheranest.com/appointments/new. All sessions are currently virtual and take place within the HIPAA compliant Theranest portal. Once I see your registration, you will receive the intake documents. Please read and complete the intake packet and schedule your first session through the portal. You must physically be located in Maryland or Virginia at the time of each virtual session due to laws and licensure regulations. You can select the 90791 - Cigna/CareFirst /Anthem/BlueCross and BlueShield - Diagnostic Evaluation - 60 minutes for the first appointment. On the day and time of your session, please login to Theranest and access the Telehealth Session link in your Appointments tab. Find your Appointment and click Start Session.

The practice will directly file claims with your insurance company. We currently accept Cigna as well as CareFrist/BlueCross and BlueShield/Anthem (not including Medicaid Community plans). If you have any copayments or deductibles, I can look it up with your birth date, member ID and group number or, you can call your insurance to make that inquiry directly. We process any payments for copays and deductibles within 1-10 business days.

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