Hi There! I'm Jannea and I am so happy you are here and deciding to take steps towards your healing process.

Do you ever feel like you have lost yourself in motherhood and wonder who you are outside of that title? Do you want to regain a zest for life and be able to manage anxiety/depression that seems to keep you in a cycle of unfulfillment? Or, has past trauma impacted your relationship with self and/or others?

I too, have been in your shoes after experiencing a traumatic birth that changed my life, and now I am committed to helping other women reclaim their lives. I specialize in working with women who want to find the joy in their lives again and manage symptoms of depression or anxiety. Together, we can help you find the joy in your life again. We will use a collaborative approach that is centered around your needs and uncover some of the root issues. I also integrate mindfulness and body movement to help you build a strong connection with self.

No matter if you are having relationships issues, struggles in motherhood (whether your child is a baby or a teenager), or dealing with depression, anxiety, or trauma concerns, I am here to walk alongside you as you begin this journey. I know it can be scary to take the first step and you can do this. I will create a safe and warm environment that is relaxed and comforting, while utilizing evidence-based techniques to help you release the restraints that have been in the way of you living the life you desire.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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