My name is Janita Ramar and I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with experience working with individuals with a host of mental health diagnoses including (depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorders) as well as stress-related difficulties, trauma-related issues, and substance use disorders.

As a woman and person of color, I understand the importance of being "heard" and "seen". It is my hope that my clients feel validated and supported as they embark on their journey of therapy.
I am passionate about assisting clients with growing, healing, and ultimately bettering themselves and leading fulfilling lives. I believe that the process of change is largely person-based and levels of motivation play a large role in regulating change. I strongly believe that each client has the ability to overcome obstacles and is able to progress greatly with the development/utilization of coping skills, and having empathetic support from a dedicated therapist.

My main focus during the initial stages of therapy is establishing a therapeutic relationship which is based on empathy and trust, then working toward collaborating and creating goals based on the client’s needs/preference. I encourage clients to partake in their process of healing and growth while having the platform to share thoughts/feelings freely without fear of judgment.

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