Hi! I’m originally from New Orleans, LA and began practicing years ago as a Substance Use Counselor in an intensive inpatient treatment facility, treating co-occurring disorders. I’ve since worked in the clinical, school, and prison settings as a clinician; servicing youth, adults and families. I now practice in both, Texas and Louisiana. I collaboratively help clients improve their self-esteem, self-worth, challenge negative cognitive processes, develop effective coping mechanisms and feelings of being enough. This is a collaborative therapeutic process that allows me to encourage the transformation process through validating and supporting my clients as experts of themselves; and fostering healthy intrapersonal relationships through establishing boundaries, modifying core beliefs, challenging cognitive distortions and engaging in self-care and that prioritizes higher self and self-worth.

I've worked with adults, families and adolescents who have experienced anxiety, depression, family transitions, stress, trauma, anxiety, low self-esteem, PTSD, substance use, personality disorders and low self-worth. Many of my clients have come to therapy due to academic, professional, childhood and personal experiences with trauma throughout a lifetime, changes in family relationship systems and dynamics, substance use, declining mental health, work and familial stress, and low self-esteem and self-worth; due to a variety of life changes and transitions. I also collaborate with clients to engage in self-compassion and develop healthy boundaries during the experiences of processing and grieving their loss of self due to external and internal expectations.

I have been so honored to witness and be present during my client's journeys, if only to help unburden them from some of the heavy things that they have been carrying for some time. I strive to be both non-judgmental, collaborative and accepting, when a client feels safe enough to share their experiences with me. “You are the driver in your vehicle, you inherently know the destination and I’m just the passenger side rider that assists with navigating a safe journey”.

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