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**I will be accepting new clients as of 01/03/22**

How are you doing? How are the people in your life doing? Sometimes, we wish that the answer to the second question didn't have an effect on the first, but it does. I believe that relationships are a key component to our ability to thrive- whether it's romantic, platonic, or the relationship you have with yourself. You'd be surprised how often the biggest stressors in our lives are associated with the relationships we have with our partners, our families, or within ourselves.

I prioritize building and maintaining a rapport with my clients, so they feel confident that this is a safe space. My clients are the experts on their lives, and I work from a client-centered approach to help them experience meaningful gains. I also work with LGBTQI+ communities and those with an intersection of marginalized groups.

My specialties include life transitions, reclaiming pleasures in everyday life, preparing for parenthood, grief and loss around pregnancy, and breakdowns of trust and communication. Feel free to contact me for a free consult call if you would like to collaborate on improving any of these areas of your life.

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