You may have learned that vulnerability is not acceptable, and expressing your emotions means you are "too much.” Despite being caring and dependable for others, you have difficulty being compassionate and graceful to yourself. You may live in fear of being rejected and judged, so you struggle in silence and portray yourself as perfect. You go through your day pretending to be okay and have learned to navigate your world with a mask on, hiding parts of yourself that you are not comfortable with.

Your need to be strong gets in the way of being your authentic self. Although you may be the person others want you to be, there are parts of your life you have not been able to access yet. This makes it difficult for you to be present, celebrate your accomplishments, and identify your strengths. It also affects your confidence in most areas of your life. Now, you no longer want to dim your light. You are ready to shine your light, put in the work, and manifest the life you deserve.

I work with folks who struggle with feeling and managing their emotions- those who hide their anxiety, guilt, shame, or sadness without giving themselves the space they deserve. Before finding a safe therapeutic space, the folks I work with felt concerned that their problems were not bad enough. Or their experiences happened so long ago that they should no longer be affected. They feared they would not be heard or understood. And they were sure that they should not need someone else's help to heal.

Being the person who always has it together is mentally exhausting. Together we will explore past traumas, learn coping skills, and find new ways to live and heal. I use Holistic Psychotherapy to help you connect with your mind and body. I use ACT techniques, yoga, and meditation techniques, CBT techniques, and DBT techniques to help you live an authentic life.

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