What can you expect?
A personalized therapy experience that will challenge current thought patterns in order to encourage a life you desire. A space where it's ok to remove the mask and show up authentically! Let's work...

My Philosophy:
We can all agree that life is unpredictable. Change is guaranteed but I understand that we can still live life on our terms. Often times we are not prepared for the changes that come our way however, we all experience them consistently. With 10 years of experience helping individuals get back to a life of fulfillment, purpose and meaning, I help those who are looking to escape negative thought patterns, loss of hope, and low mood.

My services include various techniques as I believe we are all unique and require a personalized therapy experience. The clients I have worked with enjoy my warm and nonjudgmental approach as I encourage all clients to own their unique experiences. I am dedicated to helping you learn your strengths that can assist you along your journey of life and its challenges.

Call to Action:
Get your questions together and schedule a free consultation call through my website!

This call will provide you a preview of services as well as my approach. I invite you to give me a call to discuss your specific concerns/problem areas.

Practice Details