Are you a woman feeling mentally and physically overwhelmed by anxiety? Lately, does it feel like you're nearing a nervous breakdown? Do the demands and expectations of your many roles cause you to feel exhausted and anxious? Have you found it difficult to relax because you dwell on "what-if" and worse-case scenarios? If you have a deep desire to restore your sense of peace, joy and calm, contact me. I help women like you overcome anxiety and byproducts of anxiety such as lack of assertiveness, people-pleasing, low self-esteem, perfectionism, and low productivity. I will help you get un-stuck and move forward with confidence towards your authentic goals (despite your anxiety & fears).

I improve the quality of life in women with disruptive levels of anxiety. I go beyond the outward display of success to help you cope w/ your internal anxiety, fear, & worry. I use my specialized anxiety training to teach you effective skills aimed at decreasing the intensity, duration, and impact anxiety has on your life.

Your anxiety is lying to you! You can change! You can worry less! And you are certainly not "crazy" for having anxiety. If you are new to therapy, or restarting therapy, it is natural to feel anxious about meeting a stranger and being vulnerable. These feelings of anxiety are normal and should not be interpreted as a valid reason not to schedule. I create a safe, non-judgmental, and confidential space for you to speak freely and learn coping skills.

I bring realness, humor, professionalism, education, and years of therapy experience into session. As a Licensed Therapist and Yoga teacher, I also take a mind-body approach to wellness. With therapy, you can learn to live life your life without anxiety, stress, or worry controlling you. I have day, evening, and weekend availability. Convenient self-scheduling is available via my website.

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