Do you struggle with the relationship that have with yourself? What I mean by that is your own confidence, self-worth, self-esteem, self-discipline and how you talk to yourself, love yourself and live by that? It can also mean that these areas are suffering as you recover from a breakup.....Maybe you struggle with the relationship you have with your partner, your child(ren) or parents, or others. Healthy communication, healing through betrayals, deepening emotional connection, and intimacy are all things that I help individuals and couples with in order to transform their lives in MAJOR ways! If you struggle with any of these, I can help you!

By working with me, you will learn how to build your confidence and see the world and how you experience your relationship with yourself and your relationship with others in a different way. You will have the tools to transform your mindset, speak and listen in ways that are healthy, heal from past hurts, establish and maintain healthy boundaries, & more.

I not only specialize in these areas, I have over 10+ yrs of experience in mental health. I use my skill of tuning into your experience to understand & equip you with tools to use between sessions. In our sessions we do more than discuss the problems, we commit to the work it also takes to give yourself and your relationships the transformation you deserve.

If you are not in Illinois and would like to work with me in a different capacity, visit our website and subscribe to receive emails about our webinars and retreats!!

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