I'm a clinical psychologist who specializes in depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorders. I use mindfulness-based and self-compassion focused techniques. As a therapist, I am relaxed and straightforward - it’s easy to talk about what's on your mind. Therapy with me is collaborative; I'll guide you in identifying your own goals and then tailor treatment to focus on the changes you’d like to see. I’m very transparent about what we're doing in therapy and why. You’ll learn about how the mind works, and become an expert at understanding the best interventions for you. Sometimes we’ll focus on the present, with concrete behaviors you can put into practice immediately to improve your symptoms. Sometimes we'll consider the past, gaining clarity about how your experiences and relationships have shaped the way you experience life now. Therapy with me will empower you to know yourself and develop tools to be more effective in life.

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    430 Battleground Ave.
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    North Carolina
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    Daytime (9a - 5p)
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