I have been working in the mental health field since 2014. I earned my Bachelors in Psychology from Texas A&M University- Commerce and my Masters in Mental Health Counseling from Nova Southeastern University. I think that we need to be the safest when we are able to be with ourselves. I have also found that life has the ability to make that hard at times and through my own journey of struggling and learning about my mental health, I learned a lot about being human. I don't believe that we are born resilient, I believe it is built into us through getting knocked down and learning different ways of getting back up. This isnt always fun but it can always be worth it. A journey toward change needs to be deliberate, I believe to humanize ourselves we are better able to accomplish this. I have worked with individuals, families, and couples for many years and believe that in order to allow change it is important to first gain insight into the problem, second awareness, and lately compassion in order to allow for a change, as nothing grows when it is poisoned. I believe that learning to love ourselves is our greatest task but becomes our greatest treasure once we understand the task.

My goal is to help individuals gain a better sense of purpose and understanding within themselves, while showing compassion to their humanness. I believe that the only way to truly grow is to learn more about what makes each person uniquely them and use that as a catalyst for growth and change. I am all about empowering my clients to learn who they are, so they can better love themselves, and be better able to obtain and maintain a happier and healthier life.

I work with clients to learn how their emotions impact their reality, behaviors, thinking, and relationships. I believe this can be achieved through learning about their own emotional patterns and using this insight to move to a greater awareness. In order to do this I intend on assisting individuals on identifying faulty patterns of thinking and learning to replace unhealthy coping skills. My job as a therapist is to support them in exploring the root of the problem, allowing them to be better able to identify maladaptive behaviors and consequences. In identifying these behaviors the client is better able to adaptively overcome emotional challenges; and abstain from exhibiting the same old patterns that don't work and instead exhibiting esteem building behaviors to reinforce positive changes and continued growth.

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