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Hello there!

My name is Dr. Jade Hunter-Wofford, but my clients call me Dr. J.

I consider myself to be a vibrant, compassionate and lighthearted young professional who loves people and believes in the power of relationships. My presence in the therapy room creates a welcoming, safe and non-judgmental space that is warm and relaxed so that you can be your authentic self.

I know that the holidays can be a very challenging time for so many reasons, especially for those who are grieving, who are estranged from families or are living with anxiety or depression. Feelings of sadness, anger and numbness can be confusing and overwhelming during a time when it seems like the world is living in a state of holiday bliss. As the holidays approach, grief that may have eased throughout the rest of the year may suddenly return making you feel like you are back to ground zero in the grieving process. For others the start of the holiday season can bring with it "the holiday blues". Maybe colder weather, shorter days and the anticipation of being around family has you stressed, fatigued or just sad.

Coping through the season can be difficult but it is possible. Allow me to provide support and join you on your journey through it all. I can help you process what you are feeling and find coping skills that may give you relief. Allow me to help you find the healing you need and deserve. Contact me today for your free consultation!

In love and wellness, Dr. J.

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