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Sometimes or maybe even all the time, you may notice a sense of being overwhelmed, numb, or alone. It’s hard for you to engage in your relationships, work, and activities you enjoy. You don’t feel totally yourself. Part of you might realize that this could be connected to being invalidated or unsupported, whether that is by societal structures, family, or at times yourself. Although you’re feeling stuck, you’ve chosen to take a brave risk for yourself and consider therapy. That is incredibly challenging and I am grateful you are here.

In therapy we can work together to identify ways you can cope with the sources of suffering that you’re experiencing, so you feel more fulfilled, empowered, and able to navigate life’s individual and systemic challenges. I utilize an intersectional framework to honor and affirm how your identities impact the way you move through the world. It is important that you feel seen and safe in all of your identities.

Our practice specializes in working with individuals and couples who are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, as well as LGBTQ+ folks. I am currently accepting clients via telehealth and I look forward to meeting soon.

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