You are the driver of your own life, your behaviors, your thoughts, and your growth. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of Arkansas, Illinois and New Jersey and I believe that growth and change comes from within. So, let us explore any negative thoughts and behaviors that contribute to delaying your growth.

What is your story? I became a therapist due to my own personal experiences of dealing with loss, trauma, and multigenerational issues that I had to overcome. It took for me to look within myself to acknowledge and accept my weaknesses & strengths . This in turn helped with my personal growth.

Because of my story I believe as a therapist my role is to guide clients towards healing and personal growth. I founded BridgingLyfe because I understand first-hand the power of positive thought and how we have the power to use our thought to change how we feel.

My primary passion in life is motherhood which means I always enjoy spending time with my children, watching Ginny & George, making candles and homemade pizza with the family.

“You must first realize the prison of your own mind before you can escape it”.


“Don’t let anyone or anything live in your mind rent free”.

-Tesheria Price

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