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If a traumatic past is disrupting your relationships or the way you live, trauma treatment with Insideout Living offers a transformative healing experience.

Has A Traumatic Experience Shaped The Way You Live?
Are you worried that a painful experience from your past is negatively influencing the way you live or how you connect with others? Do you have trouble relaxing, sitting still, or feeling safe—even in ordinary situations?

Perhaps you were exposed & traumatically impacted by racism, neglect, emotional or verbal abuse, bullying, or an environment that felt tense and uncomfortable as a child, which now impacts your ability to trust, open up, or rely on other people. Or maybe you fear rejection and abandonment so much that you jump from one relationship to another, looking for validation that never lasts.

Trauma can affect people in many different, and often unique, ways. You may be experiencing an unexplained sense of anxiety, depression, or low self-esteem even though on the outside it looks like life is good. Or you may be very withdrawn and closed off, unable to be assertive or voice your opinions without constantly second-guessing yourself.
Conversely, maybe you’re lashing out in rage or secretly sabotaging yourself in ways you can’t understand. At work, you’re either obsessed with making money or worried that others will somehow see you as an imposter, so you throw everything you have into the job. And in your personal life, your future probably feels obscured, as if the dreams you once had will never be realized.

Sometimes in life, things happen that are simply too big for any one human to handle. But with our help and caring support, you can get back to a place where you feel better—like yourself—again. In the process, you can develop self-compassion, find greater peace, and enjoy healthier, more fulfilling relationships.

Insideout Living is an Addiction and Trauma Healing Center,
focusing on liberating the client’s natural ability to move toward well-being and health from the “inside out.”

Based on cutting edge, evidence-based research, the interventions help the client understand how the mind and brain are shaped by experiences and relationships. Treatment yields rapid results that allow the client to make impactful changes that lead to healing and growth.

​Within each area of specialized treatment, Insideout Living blends traditional counseling with alternative treatment for the mind, body, spirit, and relationships.

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