Do you feel stuck? Disconnected from yourself? Like you're just not "you" anymore or you're not sure who you are now? Maybe you are in an abusive relationship, just left one, or have undergone a traumatic event or major life transition. You need help rediscovering and reconnecting with yourself. You might feel disappointed with your life or where you're heading. Depression and anxiety have taken the forefront in your life and you want a way back to feeling like yourself, a way back to feeling healthy and interested in life again. I specialize in helping women and youth heal from childhood trauma, abusive relationship patterns, and self-esteem issues. Drawing from my extensive background in the performing arts and movement studies, I utilize somatic and expressive-arts therapy approaches to help you embody healing from the inside out.

Many clients also seek me out because they are wanting to engage in a process that is more reflective of their values and interests, and a traditional talk-therapist doesn't appeal to them. You will likely be someone with an interest in greater understanding, self-development, spirituality, and have been on a journey of self-improvement for some time but feel like you need some new skills and resources to take your growth to the next stage. You might be wanting to improve your ability to communicate your emotions and desires within your relationship with family, a partner, be a more affective parent, or make advances in your career that you feel your inhibiting. As a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, my aim is to provide safe and sound therapeutic experiences for my clients to deepen self-awareness and strengthen their inner power. I am a firm believer of the innate healing power of the body and I help clients tap into this process through use of somatic and expressive-art therapies. As a Somatic Psychotherapist and EMDR practitioner, I use both traditional talk-therapy and body-oriented approaches to deepen the healing process and create lasting changes that are embodied -- not just analyzed and later forgotten. Healing and making change is ultimately about integrating our insights into the body and our behaviors.

Please visit my website (www.theohmcenter.com) for more information about my services, as I offer different workshops and groups throughout the year.

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