The experiences I have lived through and witnessed have served as a guide for my calling to become a mental health counselor. Although I am in my mid-thirties, I have endured some life circumstances that during the time seemed difficult to overcome, but I made it. Those were some of the hardest experiences to live through, but I was able to make sense of my experiences by investing in myself and working collaboratively with a therapist. This collaborative therapeutic alliance changed my life and reignited my desire to become a therapist. Being a therapist is where my life's purpose is realized. I feel privileged helping others learn to invest in themselves and spend time exploring and embracing curiosity and compassion while figuring out what brings them joy or gives a sense of pride or something to look forward to at the end of each day.

I am drawn to holistic approaches that allow me to consider the entirety of the client and to understand the world from their perspective while respecting their uniqueness as a human. When I am working with clients, I consider biological, psychological, environmental, and cultural aspects of clients' lives because each of these aspects play a role in shaping the client’s worldview. In short, I like to meet clients where they are at when they come to therapy, and I like to the tailor the therapy to fit their uniqueness.

From my perspective, the client is the expert in their lives and I as the therapist, am a collaborator responsible for fostering empathy, respect, compassion and curiosity. I view the counseling relationship as more of a working collaboration with clients to address their reason(s) for coming to therapy. My motto is “do something you can be proud of each day.” I hope to inspire this same enthusiasm in my clients. If I can help at least one person embrace uncertainty while creating a meaningful, authentic life, then I have made a difference in the world. I’m ready to begin when you are! I look forward to collaborating with you.

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