What is safety? How do you navigate life when your senses have been dulled? How do you find solid ground when everything that once was is transforming into the unrecognizable? How do you put all these pieces of yourself back together? If you find yourself asking questions like this while trying to survive discrimination, marginalization, & being made invisible, I hope to be a Harbinger of Hope guiding you back to more stable ground. And on this journey, I aim to foster & create with you a space for your healing in its full, unruly rawness. If you’re ready to commit to change, healing, & doing your soul work, then Harbinger of Hope is the right place for you.

Hi, my name is Imani! I aim to assist my clients in their journey of self-discovery, freedom, & interconnection through various life circumstances such as LGBTQ issues, role/identity issues, grief, depression/anxiety, & substance use/abuse. From providing psychoeducation about your presenting problem to helping build skills such as boundary building, self-soothing, perspective-shifting, & emotional processing, I help you redirect your story. It is essential to my practice that I hear your story, help you examine it, & help empower as well as encourage you to embrace the role of "author" that is rightfully yours over your life.

I aim to delve beyond the surface with you as you further explore the complexities of life & identity. In the words of astrologer Dayna Nuckolls, “Survival is meant to be a shared burden, not an individual obligation”. No matter how long we work together, I hope to leave you feeling empowered, secure, & confident as you take on the next steps in your journey.

Feel free to ask me about insurance if you have Aetna or United Healthcare. Private pay sessions are at $100 per intake session & $80 per regular session. Because I also aim to provide affordable care, I offer sliding scale for anyone experiencing financial hardship. So visit our website & book your free consultation today!

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