I am a Black Christian Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I provide mental health services through a Christian faith based perspective. My goal is to partner with your whole self as you experience and work through your life's journey. I treat you as an individual, inviting you to bring all that makes you the person you are into session. I believe in working with you to heal the whole person; mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, because the whole person experiences. I offer virtual therapy, aspiring to provide a safe space for you to process your struggles in the comfort of your familiar spaces.

I believe each person has their own unique perspectives, challenges and intelligence. You have everything you need within you to achieve your goals and heal. I’m willing to partner with you as you work through life challenges. We will use a variety of techniques called modalities because I believe in tailoring plans to fit your needs.
I specialize in trauma and interpersonal violence, although I will work with various experiences. I am a certified Christian Counselor, EMDR use of bilateral stimulation to help with the brain processing memories), TF-CBT (trauma focused skills that look at ways of thinking, processing and reshaping unhealthy/unhelpful thoughts), and DBT (structured skills that aids in focusing on and restructuring unhelpful thoughts and behaviors) certified and IFS (skills that focus on internal self to aid in processing trauma) trained. Through a synchronous video/audio platform, we work from the comfort of your private space to develop and strengthen life, coping, intrapersonal and interpersonal skills.
My career started as a Psychiatric Social Worker in the only women’s prison in Michigan. I learned to manage difficult cases in ways that help others find their inner strength and path to healing. My experience as a School Social Worker helped to develop my empathy, curiosity and understanding of the importance of truly meeting each person where they are; and giving the time needed to contemplate, prepare for and initiate change.
As a social worker, my job is not to give you advice. I try my best to remain true to this model. You know your life and surroundings best. My goal and job is to assist you in developing skills that give you the independence and confidence to make choices that positively impact your mental, spiritual, emotional and physical being.

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