Online Christian therapist for high achieving couples and successful women with anxiety and insomnia throughout CA and TX.

You're the go to woman for everything. Everyone can count on you when they need help. You're successful professionally, but along the way you've forgotten how to show up in your personal life.

You feel invisible. Because no one notices all the stuff you're going through. They just assume you've got it handled. As a Christian woman, you've prayed really hard, but this anxiety isn't going away.

You wonder if you can risk showing up as the real you. You know that the world wasn't built to accommodate women like you. You do your best to navigate the struggle of fitting in. But boxes weren't built for you. You've worked extra hard for everything you have. You're sick of people telling you that you're too sensitive.

You want to learn how to manage this constant anxiety. You want to learn how to navigate exhausting and toxic family relationships.

I help women like you learn how to set clear boundaries, say "No," and show the world that you are no longer accepting their crumbs. You'll learn how to attract safe people and finally open up to them. Anxiety doesn't have to run your life.

If you are ready to drop anxiety, find your fit, and speak up for what you want, call me for a free 15-min consultation call. I provide in person and online therapy throughout CA. Please note my fee.

Other services provided:
- From surviving to thriving- online group for women: Learn self care skills, how to manage anxiety and stress, setting healthy boundaries in relationships and connect with other women.
- Couples therapy: I help couples who feel like roommates, learn how to really talk to each other and re-ignite the friendship they once had.
- Insomnia therapy: I help women with insomnia learn how to fall asleep and stay asleep without medications in just a few short sessions.

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From survival mode to thriving: Learn how to move away from survival mode, set healthy boundaries in relationships, take care of your own needs, speak up for yourself and truly live again. https://www.thezinniapractice.com/support-group-near-me