Anxiety and trauma are the awful companions that have followed you for a while. You've now become the super responsible woman who takes care of everyone, but has no clue how to take care of yourself.

But who can you depend on? You spend so much time crushing goals, you've worked super hard to achieve everything you have, but you have a secret. You're living a double life.

Along the way, you've forgotten how to show up for yourself in your personal life. You've learned how to pretend like everything is great. You morphed into the person that others want you to be. You smile, get stuff done and try to keep your head up.

But the anxiety and worry is eating you up. You try to hide it, but you feel like you'll explode. You're sick and tired of being the go to person in your family. You don't know how long you can act like everything is fine.

I help high achieving, successful women like you finally put down the traumas of their past. You've built generational wealth. Now let's start generational healing. I'll help you finally get rid of people pleasing and the need to do everything perfectly. It's time for you to finally be introduced to the real you. So you can relax your shoulders, ask for help and say "No" when you need to.

If you are finally ready to drop anxiety and trauma, and live your life the way that you want, schedule a free 15-min consultation call on my website- www.thezinniapractice.com I provide online therapy for women throughout TX and CA.

Other services provided:
- Couples therapy: I help coupes improve communication, learn how to resolve conflict quickly and build an intimate connection

- Insomnia therapy: I help women with insomnia learn how to fall asleep and stay asleep without medications in just a few short sessions.

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    California, Texas
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    Online Only
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Group Therapy Details

- Insomnia group for women: In this 6-week group, you'll learn simple strategies to fall asleep and stay asleep without pills or drastically changing your lifestyle.