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Rubie Red Slippers

As an Integrative Therapist, Spiritual Life Coach & Energy Medicine Practitioner, I combine talk and somatic-based therapy, energy medicine and movement meditation to offer a balanced therapeutic approach to assisting you with mental, emotional and physical challenges that present as anxiety, fear-based thinking and over-analyzing, self-criticalness, depression, codependency, low self-esteem, body aches/pains and other trauma-based symptoms.

Our healing journeys may be unique, but collectively we share this lifelong body & heart-centered process, which continually invites us to know ourselves as magical, allowing, resilient, fertile, integrative, safe and loved. At times the process of therapeutic work may feel like a burden, but as we learn to identify beliefs and narratives that no longer serve us, recondition our minds and shift our behaviors, we raise our Vibration, re~member our Divinity, and reclaim our personal and collective Power.

I specialize in providing Helping Professionals, Empaths, Lightworkers & neurodivergent persons with a safe space to be vulnerable, address life concerns, improve self-care and heal.

Sessions may include: Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, EMDR, Internal Family Systems Therapy, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, Vibrational Sound Techniques, Reiki, Body Movements, Meditation & Astrological Consultation.

Take a deep breath; you are always right where you need to be! When you are ready to receive your divine gift of support, I am here.

Awakening & Ascension Support
I also specialize in providing Integrative therapeutic services to assist with the challenging experience of Awakening and Ascension. This process can be described as the illuminating expansion of one’s ego-centered/3D consciousness, which also reveals where we are fragmented and in need of shadow work/inner healing to integrate our abandoned and wounded parts of Self. The process also invites us to deepen our awareness of both sovereign and interconnected aspects of Self, Others and Creation.

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