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Women and girls are multidimensional creations that embody several roles, with each one becoming more dynamic and multifaceted as they age. As girls and women age, they go through numerous transitional periods marked by cultural and social impasses such as race, class, gender, educational status, abilities/disabilities, and sexual orientation that they are often unprepared to handle. These transitional periods can be unpleasant and possibly awaken powerful thoughts, feelings, and body sensations that are uncomfortable and overwhelming. Houston Therapy for Women and girls is a counseling center committed to helping girls and women who are desperately trying to heal their mental wounds in the face of hardships and obstacles. We are a Christian counseling center; we can offer biblically sound and psychologically skilled approaches to life's struggles by integrating our faith and clinical training. Our doors are open to clients from all religious, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds.

Houston Therapy for Women provides the best therapeutic services for girls and women. Whether you or your daughter are struggling with domestic violence, sexual assault, trauma, intimate relationships, perfectionism, identity, self-esteem, self-worth, self-love, or severe anxiety and depression, we are here to help. You or your daughter will learn healthy new ways to heal and feel inspired and empowered to change.

At Houston Therapy for Women, we are dedicated to providing relief for our clients, but more importantly, we provide counseling that goes to the root to create lasting positive change.

We will help you identify and overcome patterns/beliefs that aren’t serving you so that you can:

Feel more freedom (and more compassion with yourself) around food and body image issues.

Create strong relationships with friends, family, coworkers, and your spouse.

*Experience relief from anxiety, worry, depression, and PTSD.

*Overcome the impact of trauma.

*Recover from an addiction.

*Find a more meaningful career.

*Experience emotional growth and transformation.

*And live your whole life with more peace, confidence, and courage.

Types of Therapeutic Interventions:
EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)
Cognitive Processing Therapy
Trauma Focused -Cognitive Behavior Therapy
Womanist Approach
Motivation Interviewing

Fees each session:
Individual: $125 for 60 minutes.
Individual: $160 for 90 minutes.
Mother and Daughter: $200 for 60 minutes
Mother and Daughter: $ 250 for 90 minutes.

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