You can no longer hide your depression from your friends and family. Life is beginning to overwhelm you. To others you appear confident and strong but in reality, you are exhausted, and you fear that life is at a standstill. In your relationships you have become the person that everyone can dump their personal problems on. You are the responsible one, the one, that family and friends go to when they need help. Time after time you carry the weight of listening to others and giving advice. Yet when you need support no one is there. You have learned how to push through your feelings and pretend that you don’t need anyone, but the truth is you are lonely and tired. The burdens you carry are beginning to feel too heavy and you can no longer pretend that everything is ok.
You don’t have to keep it together with me. Imagine the freedom of having a safe space to express yourself without worrying about someone else’s feelings. Together we will identify the unhealthy belief patterns that keep you stuck in unhealthy cycles. We will acknowledge the ways you undermine your worth, devalue your beliefs, and silence your values. In our work together you will learn to acknowledge your needs and release the guilt that comes with creating healthy boundaries in your relationships. I am committed to supporting you in learning, practicing, and centering your healing.
If you are ready for life to be easy, then don’t wait any longer to make a life changing decision. It is time for you to unburden yourself of everyone’s problems and begin focusing on yourself. Let’s work together and change old patterns that you can live light and free. Don’t wait any longer to make a life changing decision. If you are ready for change schedule a free 15-minute consultation call.

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