Are you someone who shows up for others, gives grace, and shows compassion but rarely has enough left in their jar to give to themselves? Do you tend to everyone's needs while forgetting about yourself? Maybe life’s experiences have kept you feeling stuck and you're ready to unpack the baggage that is weighing you down? You owe it to yourself to put your needs first and live a life of purpose. I encourage you to bet on yourself and go after what is needed to change the ending of your story and to become a better version of yourself . I will work with you to create an emotional roadmap to guide your unique treatment.

On this collaborative journey towards healing, we will explore issues that keep you feeling stuck and repeating the same cycles. You will learn how to navigate complicated feelings that you experience as you face life's transitions . These issues may show up in anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, negative thought patterns, and relationship issues.

With over 15 years of experience, I continue to be driven by compassion and empathy in my work with clients. It is my passion to encourage women/ teenage girls to embrace the beauty in their journey. As your therapist, I am intentional about providing a safe space that promotes healing and where my clients are accepted, heard, and validated. My motto is "Wounds are meant to be healed, not concealed".

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