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Life can be so unpredictable. Whether it is good or not so good, things occur in our lives that are hard to combat by ourselves. The stress of school, work, relationships, or just adjusting to the effects of Covid19 can take a toll on anyone. Therapy creates an opportunity to express your challenges in a safe, open, and nonjudgmental environment. You are to be commended for exploring counseling because it shows your drive to make a change. I understand the importance of therapy and embrace the prospects of supporting a happier you.
As a counselor, in the school system for over 5 years, I have met with various students, young adults, parents, and families. I have experience with conflict resolution, relationship issues, anxiety, self-esteem, coping skills, family conflict, racial identity, just to name a few.
Every client is different and has their own personality, skills, experience, family dynamic and goals that make them unique. Their feelings, voice, and experiences only add to who they are and only they can take control of their future. I am the rest area “safe space”. Stop here, when you need a push to continue your journey to a better you.

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