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Grief and Loss can make you feel lonely and leave you questioning the meaning of life. You may think no one could possibly imagine the pain and hurt you’re feeling. Why did this have to happen? She or he didn’t deserve to die? I can’t believe I’ll never see them again. Perhaps you’ve experienced a Trauma. You may still feel on edge, have trouble relaxing, and have painful past memories or nightmares making it hard to sleep at night. Sometimes people just don’t get it. You know you have Anger problems, but it’s not like you don’t want to change. You are trying to work on this. You just don't know how to control your anger.

If only you had someone that could help you throughout this process. You want to go about your daily day without crying, feeling guilty or breaking down. You want to just enjoy your life without being interrupted by past painful memories. If you could just get to sleep, that would be a dream in itself. You want to be in control of your feelings.

Making the decision to get therapy is the first step. Please click on the link to view my website. I have listed all the steps to get started with your teletherapy sessions. There are also therapy groups now being offered. Just complete the contact form, book a free consultation and schedule your therapy sessions directly on my website.


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