Are you struggling with harsh self criticism? Feeling like you give your all but still feel like it's never enough? Are you overwhelmed by pressure to do it all and be flawless in the process?

Black women are often put in positions where we feel like we have to be strong and have it all together all the time. Especially in school, work, and professional environments where we might be the only person of color in the room-- we can feel like we gotta be perfect all the time! This strong black woman archetype can feed into the cycle of perfectionism and imposter syndrome in ways that aren’t serving us as well as we might think. Join Dr. Felicia Jackson and Dr. Amber Calloway for a 10-week group focused on helping black women learn how to reduce the stress that comes with perfectionism and gain tools to break out of this unhelpful cycle.

In this group we will:
- Understand Perfectionism and Imposter Syndrome and how they affect black women
- Identify and change negative thinking patterns that fuel negative emotions
- Reduce self criticism and increase self compassion
- Learn communication skills for setting and holding boundaries in your personal and professional life
- Practice skills for reducing procrastination and other self limiting behaviors
- Give and receive support from other black women

For more information or to sign up contact: admin@gviproc.org or call (585) 201-8017

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