Why I do this work:

I do this work because I want to give you a space to show up and develop your most authentic self and explore the most challenging parts of life that are bringing you to therapy.

Let’s be real. The human experience is a hot mess. It’s scary, it’s wonderful, it’s painful, and it’s amazing. It presents a whole range of complex experiences and feelings that sometimes feel difficult to manage or explore. Perhaps you are struggling with your relationships and need support in navigating them. Maybe you feel uneasy and struggle to get in touch with your emotions and feelings. Maybe you are feeling deep shame about your experiences and feelings and need a space to show up fully without fear of judgment. Showing up authentically, being open about your shame, & navigating difficult relationships is possible. I gotchu.

My desire to become a therapist began during my own journey having to navigate the existential woes, identity crises, constant shame spirals and relational difficulties I experienced not only as a person but as a mixed-race, multicultural (& then later, queer) person. Growing up, I struggled to reconcile cultural/religious shame with my sexual identity, my desire for sex and the ways in which I engaged in sex. Those experiences drew me to working with sexual shame, sexuality, and sexual issues. Part of my healing journey has consisted of advocating for and making space for my intersectional identities, working through difficult relationship challenges, aligning myself with my values, re-writing narratives around sex, and showing up unapologetically as my most authentic self.
How I do this work:

My therapeutic approach is considered SwS, “Sassy while Supportive”. I will be compassionate AND direct in our work together. My goal is to balance making sure you feel understood by me (especially when you haven’t felt this with others in your life) and also encouraging you to be accountable for the ways you perpetuate cycles and patterns that inhibit your growth.

I firmly believe that our experiences in life occur in the context of relationships which is why the therapist-client(s) relationship is one of the most important aspects of a successful therapeutic experience. Relationship therapy is some of my favorite work because I get to witness your relationship dance in real time. Witnessing your dance allows me to support you in changing dysfunctional dynamics and creating deeper connections in the present moment.

My goal in therapy is to work together to form a strong and collaborative, secure relationship that can serve as a model for your relationships outside the therapy room. Sometimes experiences and or relationships in our lives interrupt our ability to function effectively, and we may become stuck in fixed patterns and beliefs that get in our way.

In more therapeutic terms, I will often use insight oriented approaches like Gestalt and Relational Psychodynamic as a framework for helping you develop awareness of your patterns and exploring the origin of your patterns, that way I can support you in changing patterns of relating that may not continue to benefit you. To put it simply: “Awareness leads to choice, and choice leads to change”-Evan Bernache

I feel passionate about helping you connect relationally and sexually and I hope to do several things: 1. support you in developing insight into the obstacles you are facing 2. Align with your authentic self and your values, and 3. Support you in making any wanted changes in your life. If you’re ready to take the next step, let’s do this thang!

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