Mindful Resolutions is an online care practice Dr. Mims' has a variety of pricing plans for her services. She will limit treatment barriers such as one's concern about paying for therapy services. Dr. Mims' will partner with you to find a plan that will allow you to focus on your treatment, without having to focus on your ability to obtain services due to the cost of treatment.
Dr. Gretchen Mims goal is to work with young girls, teens and adult women to help them regain their mental peace. Dr. Gretchen Mims is a skillful experienced social worker who has over 25 years of experience.
Dr. Mims uses therapeutic interventions that are client centered, solution focused and evidenced based. She will focus on your empowerment, mental health and mental peace.
She understands your life may have had a sequence of transitions. Some you pursued and others were thrust upon you, each can be a source of stress and anxiety that can trigger depression or lead to trauma.
I am proud of you. You have taken a step towards taking control of your mental health and mental peace.
I understand you, I am with you, and I will support you.

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