Hello! I'm Glenda. I understand that life can be difficult at times and some experiences are traumatic. You are more than the dark times and you desire to come come out of the shadows into the light. You have begun the journey by following the desire to get support and I am here. You second guess yourself, you love hard and fast but you are lacking love, you want more out of life but you seem to miss the mark. Your future is bright and it begins with YOU. It is time to love you as much as you love others. What you say to yourself is important. Your feelings matter but your feelings do not have to control you. Your thoughts are powerful and they can be transformed. You are worth the work it will take to become better! Change is scarry but you want and deserve it. Let's take this journey together. I want to help you confront the past that has held you back, process the present that is hurtful and prepare to claim the future you desire. With honesty, acceptance, forgiveness, kindness and understanding, your life can become better.

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