Everybody has problems, right? Why go to a therapist? Well, you probably don't realize that unsolved problems in life affect your earnings, personal relationships, and even your health. In fact, the smallest stressors in life tend to have the biggest impact. I will address your issues in a thoughtful and empathic manner.
I am a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist who has extensive experience providing individual and couples psychotherapy. I specialize in working with adults and interracial, interfaith and LGBT couples.
I have a passion for working with couples at all stages of the life cycle. Premaritals, cohabiting couples, couples with young children seeking to balance parenting with time for self and partner, couples needing support around sexuality and infidelity.
I have also have experience working with racial trauma, intimate partner violence, self esteem, parenting, and stress reduction. For more information please visit my website. I invite and encourage you to schedule a free initial phone consultation with me.

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