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Create a life you love on your own terms!

Are you ready to create a life on your own terms, defined by your level of success? A life of balance, fulfillment, and joy is possible for you.

Here are some things you may be struggling with...
You do not trust yourself and find it hard to keep the promises you make to yourself.
You allow the opinions of others to dictate your decisions.
You’re often distracted and avoid your thoughts and feelings.
Time alone frightens you, and triggers negative feelings.
You over analyze and are afraid of your capacity to make the “right” decisions.
You desire a partner for support and to validate how loveable and worthy you ALREADY are.

Picture This….
Imagine your life–a life in which you fully love, accept, and admire who you are and how you show up.
Imagine how good you will feel when you stand up for yourself and ask what you truly want.
Imagine shedding guilt from denying others, and start embracing your personal power.
Imagine a life full of new possibilities because you manage your emotions and have the confidence to achieve all that you desire.
Imagine being “Enough,” without having to prove yourself or seeking validation.
Now, imagine life on your terms, defined by you, and what you deem as success.

Let me support you! I am a licensed therapist and life coach that has a proven framework to get you results in a few session. I look forward to hearing from you.

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A safe space is needed for Black women to cultivate a community of self expression, healing, and the freedom to speak about their challenges, without judgment. Over 9 months we meet twice a month to discuss topics related to decision making, self care/wellness, emotional management, fulfillment, techniques of personal and professional balance, confidence and a few more topics.