Orlando, Florida 32801, United States


Do you struggle with anxiety, depression, or lack of confidence because of experiences tied to your cultural identity? I am a biracial person of color, a woman, a mother, an immigrant, and an advocate for people who struggle to be seen and accepted for who they are as defined by them.

Our identities are what make us beautiful and unique, but unfortunately, can also make us targets for abuse, discrimination, and ostracization even within our own family systems. I created my private practice, Our Mosaic Therapy, because I want to provide a safe place of acceptance and healing for anyone who feels the weight of their "otherness" and needs support.

I can help you to process the emotional harm and trauma you may have experienced as in individual related to your identity and the community trauma you might experience in connection with the communities you belong to. I specialize in addressing trauma, anxiety and depression, gender, sexual and racial identity-related issues, as well as self-esteem and personal growth issues.

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