Are you constantly telling others you’re “fine” when that is the furthest thing from the truth? Do you feel your family, personal and work relationships could be better? Are you constantly telling yourself that you need to get your “ish” together? Are you struggling with the responsibilities associated with your success, both personally and professionally? Although some may think otherwise, being successful does not shield you from emotional pain. Whether you want to get support around new changes in your life or to work through problems that have been with you for years, let me support you in your steps towards wellness. I can assist you to uncover some of the assumptions and biases you hold about yourself, and help you break unhealthy cycles you may find yourself stuck in, while discovering and building upon your strengths.

I will provide a safe space for you to feel comfortable enough to show up in your full authenticity, without feeling the need to code switch or hide parts of yourself. My goal is for you to feel comfortable enough to allow yourself to be vulnerable while feeling safe, as that is where the healing process truly begins. My approach to working with clients is collaborative and genuine, founded in warmth and empathy, as I believe effective therapy is rooted in relationship. I treat individuals and couples with respect and focus on the whole person, not just their symptoms.

I primarily work with Black transitional aged youth, young adults and working professionals and couples struggling with life transitions, relationship issues, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, trauma, stress management, mood disturbances, anxiety, depression, and issues related to sexual health and wellness. Mental health struggles are often difficult for Black individuals to recognize within themselves, as they may show up as feelings like a failure, shame, feeling weak or lazy, experiencing burnout, stress, headaches and isolation.

In our work together, I will assist you to overcome insecurities, improve your sense of self-worth, build attraction with confidence, deepen self-awareness, challenge old relational patterns and improve life satisfaction. You will gain clarity around the steps you need to take to begin to live a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life. I will assist you reach your identified goals and provide emotional support throughout your journey towards wellness.

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