I enjoy working with all clients regardless of gender, race, culture, or socio-economic status. However, I am most effective with adult women and teenagers (boys and girls). My work with women is centered around the empowering idea that you are incredibly more capable than you feel or think. My goal is to provide women with a solution-focused approach to stress management, mental wellness, personal, and professional growth. I utilize treatments that are evidence-based, holistic, client-centered, and culturally informed.

In working with adolescent, I make active effort to meet your teen where he/she is in the journey through life. I help them navigate the ever so important teenage years by teaching them coping skills that they can utilize everyday. I am also effective in providing support, affecting behavioral change, and improving motivation in teenagers.

The other important aspect of my work at Bluntly Coached is with immigrant families and children. This population is unique in its struggle because every interaction and every behavior is influenced by internal ethno-cultural ideologies that are separate and apart from what everyone else experience. Call us today- we are ready to help.

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