Are you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, or disappointed in yourself, others, or with the world right now? Are you experiencing thoughts of being unimportant, all alone, or powerless? Do you struggle with “knowing” what is true but you often do not “feel” good enough, in control, or protected?

Is it time? Time to honor your story authentically but with less pain and less struggle. Is it time to surrender? Surrender to your needs, your desires, and experience your life more fully and with joy. Listen to me: It is not your fault! Your memories of painful, past experiences are presently impacting your brain and body’s ability to imagine and connect with what is possible.  

I am Demetria. A licensed trauma therapist, wife, mother, sister, and friend. I am courageous and experienced enough to have authentic conversations and provide practical, evidence-based tools to connect you to the vision and quality of life that you deserve. I create safe spaces to support you to repair the injuries that you have suffered as a result of traumatizing experiences with compassion instead of judgment and with clarity instead of the negative beliefs that you have about yourself, others, and the world.  

It is time to give yourself the gift of support, compassion, and unconditional acceptance.  Reach out today!
*Individual therapy (depression, anxiety, trauma, stress and relationship concerns) and Couples Counseling {Self Pay/Out of Network Insurance Provider}*

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