Are you feeling sad, overwhelmed or unsure now of who you are in life? I know and understand those feelings all too well: the comparison, the stress, the long scrolls on social media to distract yourself. The cycle can be unyielding. I don't want you to suffer any longer. Working together, there are strategies I can teach you to reduce this tremendously. I have worked with teens, adults and those in relationships to reduce anxiety, depression, and comparison aiding them in experiencing increased peace, contentment and control in their daily lives.
The tools I provide are ones I have been perfecting over my career helping people just like you. There are many to choose from and my goal for you is to have a “tool box” full of options to pull from whenever you need them. I am open, direct and solution focused. We will work together to address the problems bothering you right now so you gain control.
I believe everyone can grow and change at any point in their life. I believe foundations and the supports we have matter. I know “life happens” and we are left to put “life” in order. To me, mental health is central to overall health. If the mind is unwell then everything flowing from it is effected. Which means, when we heal our minds, we heal our life.

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