Are you struggling with a major life transition or grief from a loss? Suddenly finding yourself overwhelmed by a flood of emotions as you feel like the life you knew no longer exists and not sure what to do? By arriving here, you have reached out for support. Pause for a moment to feel the pride of making this decision for yourself. You are in a safe place. There is strength in seeking help when needed.

I work with people who are struggling to navigate unexpected life events and need help with resulting issues of anxiety and depression. In our work together, I utilize an eclectic approach to techniques that are tailored to your needs. I am here to help you gain the skills and perspective to realize that it is not the events that occur in our life that cause difficulties but our thoughts and emotions about the events.

Healing can begin when someone listens to you as you express your most inner thoughts without the fear of being judged. My gift to you is an invitation to enter a space where there will be no need to present a version of yourself based on what others think. You are the author of your life with the power to write your own story. If this resonates with you, reach out to me to begin your journey.

LSMW License
Rutgers University (MSW)

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