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We are all looking for balance in our daily lives. Having a chronic illness or being a caregiver to a loved one with a chronic illness can make that difficult. Individuals with chronic illness can experience declining mental health, a decrease in interpersonal relationships, loss/grief of who they used to be, loss of purpose, anger, hopelessness/helplessness, thoughts of harming themselves, etc. I assist these clients in developing useful coping mechanisms so that they are able to live fulfilling lives.

Chronic illnesses not only affect the individual but surrounding family members (i.e. - primary caregiver, partner, siblings). I collaborate with these families in finding harmony while managing the illness as a collective unit. I support clients in owning their inner strengths/capabilities that we all possess but are unsure how to use during stressful life events.

With a combination of systemic-based therapies and a culturally sensitive therapeutic approach, clients will begin to understand how family-of-origin and behavior/thoughts can impact their communication style. Clients will be able to set healthy boundaries in multiple areas of their lives while transforming their mindset towards optimal mental health.

I provide a safe space that is confidential, authentic, and culturally sensitive to process your concerns. Let me help you improve your quality of life. Do not let your illness define who you are. Allow me to assist you in taking that journey to a “new normal.”

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